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Individualized Support to Propel Your Real Estate Investment Success During Uncertain Times

Beginning July 27, 2020

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About the Program

If you are uncertain and stuck in deciding next steps with your investment strategies due to the impact of COVID on the market, it's a perfect time to  create a clear plan and become part of a mastermind group that supports your success. This Program is led by INC's Co-Director Katy Fleming.

These have been difficult times in which to make decisions.  We are uncomfortable, agitated and have become aware that our "normal" has been thrown off the rails, or what is "normal" for some, is not normal for all. Being uncomfortable can be a good thing.  Only by stepping out of our comfort zone will we create change - personally, in our communities, and in the world. 
So how do you remain focused and move forward in your own life, be a citizen of the world, and a force for change?  How do you take action now so that you won't have future regrets and disappointment because you didn't take informed steps when the time was optimal?  Taking action now not only supports your own success, but helps you serve your loved ones and your community.


Join Today So That You...

  1. get clarity and determine how you will achieve your dreams by using a decision-making process designed just for you.
  2. become unstuck and taken to the next level through individualized coaching.
  3. have a community of colleague support that provides feedback,  brainstorming, resources and a method to keep you on track with your  plan.  
  4. build meaningful relationships with other investors that could lead to partnerships, leads, and lasting friendships.
  5. learn information about various investments strategies and  opportunities particularly relevant during these challenging times.
  6. change you, and change the world - for the betterment of all. 

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