Goal Achievement

Register today for the Investor Success Method Online Program

Two time options available:
Mondays from 6:00 - 8:30 beginning 2/24/20 OR Fridays from 12:30 - 3:00 p.m. beginning 2/28/20

Register here:  https://lifetree-plan-for-success.newzenler.com/courses/the-investor-success-way

Course Description

Do you struggle with...
- feeling stressed from uncertainty about whether you're heading in the right direction with your real estate investments?

  - being productive in your business and life?

  - feeling like you can't take action due to lack of resources?

  - staying focused and on track with your goals?

  - not having clear goals?

  - starting with good intentions that fall to the wayside over time?

Many people set resolutions; 3% achieve them.  They begin  with a thought and good intention, but don't gain focus, follow through with action  or develop a system of support.

This Program provides clear steps to  help you and your colleagues follow through on your plans and establish a method for ongoing accountability to keep you on track so that you can
     - get out of the rat race

     - have more financial freedom
     - enjoy more time with loved ones 
     - realize the life of your dreams
...all through a collaborative and fun online group meeting.

Overcome all-too-common obstacles and distractions that can  prevent you from reaching your real estate investment goals.  Achieve  concrete outcomes by implementing the proven mastermind method to stay  on track.

The Method includes weekly online 2.5 hour meetings, tools and lessons, private facebook group to share ideas with colleagues between meetings, and individualized hotseat time in a safe environment to share and receive mastermind input for your goals.   And there will be laughter.  Did we mention the importance of laughter?

This live, interactive and purely enjoyable online program includes ALL the essential components crucial to regaining focus and realizing your real estate investment success. You will design a plan of action to work on your individualized real estate strategies with the help of colleagues.   Building a lasting and supportive community is just one of the benefits that will continue once the course is finished.

The Investor Success Method includes six online, face to face Zoom meeting sessions, each last 2.5.  Topics include how to:

1.  rid yourself once and for all of self-limiting beliefs that hold you back.   Harness the power of your positive underlying beliefs so you can take action to move forward.

2. identify and understand your "why."  Knowing your purpose for the visions you've created provides you with a compass to keep you on track and a north star as a reliable point of reference when too many shiny objects appear.

3. clearly compose your top priorities, design specific and clear goals and a plan to achieve them.

4. share and tweak your plans in a safe and supportive environment to get insight, brainstorming and a little love from your fellow colleagues.  You'll find a great community of support and a sounding board that provides new ideas while helping you discover the ones that were already inside you.

5. create and run your own mastermind group, and learn first-hand how it works through this six week program.

Napoleon  Hill said it best: "No two minds ever come together without a third  invisible force, which may be likened to a "third mind." When a group of  individual minds are coordinated and function in harmony, the increased  energy created through that alliance becomes available to every  individual in the group."


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